Legacy zenhell Web sites, starting in 1993

My first Web site, on line since 1993, was about zen and yoga. I didn't think political progress was possible until people became more enlightened.

Unfortunately, zen and the concept of raising one's consciousness became more and more of a joke in our culture, so I moved to a direct approach: m
y second website was very political. My blog (archives) and new blog (starting January 2019) are political. During the time my second website was up, my son was draft age, and I felt it was a matter of life and death that McCain (war-loving idiot, crashed 5 American airplanes during his career in the military, graduated at the bottom of his class of 800 at Annapolis) and Palin (moron) be defeated, so I campaigned hard for Obama.

Here is my third site, short-lived and pretty much ignored, which tried to deal with the Tea Party and the ridiculous split among Americans, almost a Cold War between the conscious and the willingly brainwashed.